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No Reservations Needed in Parts Unknown

24 Jun 2018 17:59

Considering the life of a fellow traveler.Anthony Bourdain died recently. I had not given much thought to him in a while. A few years ago I watched a few episodes of his No Reservations series on the Travel Channel. I liked them for the most part, though I thought Bourdain a bit arrogant. Even so, he represented for me, someone who appreciated what it was to travel and experience the extremes, mysteries, and sheer beauty of life that I have never been able to; or maybe I just haven’t had [...]

News Items for Week Ending 5/20/2018

20 May 2018 17:05

Note-worthy Events in the Wider WorldThere are some notable things happening in the world at the moment that I haven’t heard people talking much about. Such times always makes me wonder whether people are so self-absorbed in their bubbles that they don’t notice, or  they are simply too busy struggling to survive. Some of both, no doubt. I have my own bubble to contend with, of course, but I’m trying to at least keep one eye on the wider world. Let me just note a few [...]

...whether earthly life comes to an end or not...

28 Apr 2018 22:58

Smart people talking about the end of all things.I came across a couple of YouTube videos and an article on the Global Research News website this week that struck me as important and worth sharing. They are sobering in content, though you may have to research to understand what they’re saying, if you are not familiar with such material.The first video is from Rachel Reenstra, an apparent near-celebrity in Hollywood who is also something of a "truther" (slang for someone who is aware of th [...]

The Possibility for World War III

20 Apr 2018 08:47

The possibilities for World War III in news and in prophecy.World War III seems imminent, so I feel like I need to say something about it. I am prompted by the alleged chemical weapons attack in the Syrian town of Douma last April 6, and the Trump administration’s responding missile attack. Because these events resonate with a scenario described by commentator and seer John Hogue in a couple of his ebooks and several articles I’ve read, I took notice.In an article for the Globa [...]

One Third High-Tech Weapons; Two Thirds Caring for Citizens

3 Mar 2018 22:23

Vladimir Putin’s recent speech shines light on reality—if you read it!Prompted by the latest newsletter from John Hogue, I looked up the text of the recent speech Vladimir Putin gave to the Russian Federal Assembly (the Russian Parliament). Mr. Hogue was concerned about something President Putin declared in this speech that Mr. Hogue believes has significance for our immediate future. He says he gleaned from the speech, “...a whole new understanding of what could happen either [...]

The Pre-Apocalypse

27 Jan 2018 18:00

My reading list this year, so far, is darker and more nonfiction than I had intended.I can’t get away from reading some really dark stuff—post-apocalypse novels, nonfiction about the Deep State, our dystopian reality, geoengineering, and alternate news sources that follow the corruption and abuses of our political leaders. It mostly comes, I think, from a desire to know the truth of things and to not be blind-sided by events. What I find revealed in such study, though, are horrors d [...]

A Positive Start

7 Jan 2018 14:02

​A new start in an old interest.Buddhism interests me from way back. I like the practicality of it, with its emphasis on changing your life through better thinking, meditation, and personal insight. It has, I think, the potential for opening a person up to broad spiritual vistas. It even has numbered steps to reaching happiness: four Nobel Truths and an eightfold path. I also have become convinced, after years of reading on the subject, that meditation is a key to spiritual development an [...]

A New Hope, Still

31 Dec 2017 14:05

2017 Year’s End reflections…We’ve made it through Christmas and reached the New Years holiday weekend. It’s a good time for reviewing the past year and anticipating the coming one. It’s punctuated for me in having seen the latest Star Wars movie last weekend (on Christmas day). For me, that movie ended the Star Wars saga by ending Luke Skywalker’s story. Inspired by that story when I was twenty, I’ve lived to see the completion of it. It wasn’t a [...]

River Walking

22 Dec 2017 21:06

Taking a restorative walk into the long Christmas weekend.Three Rivers Greenway Trail is a paved, well-kept walkway along the southern bank of the Congaree River on the outskirts of Columbia, SC. On the eve of the 2017 Christmas holiday weekend, Donna and I decided to take a morning stroll there.The trail is within a couple of miles of our home and reputed to be a scenic, easy hike. We found it to be just that, with some historical markers and placards that I found reminiscent of the Natchez Tr [...]


4 Nov 2017 20:25

Ruins are windows into the past, and maybe into the future.There is a certain romantic beauty in ruins. Archaeological ruins, I mean, like Mayan temples and Egyptian cities half buried in the desert. They are windows into worlds passed away and evidence of life’s steady progression. They inspire art such as Shelley’s poem, Ozymandias, and a genre of thriller movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Donna and I caught a glimpse of such beauty when we hiked through the ruins of a 140 year ol [...]

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