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4 Nov 2017 20:25

Ruins are windows into the past, and maybe into the future.There is a certain romantic beauty in ruins. Archaeological ruins, I mean, like Mayan temples and Egyptian cities half buried in the desert. They are windows into worlds passed away and evidence of life’s steady progression. They inspire art such as Shelley’s poem, Ozymandias, and a genre of thriller movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Donna and I caught a glimpse of such beauty when we hiked through the ruins of a 140 year ol [...]

Your Store of Spiritual Sustenance

14 Oct 2017 20:16

Book reviews and a video to aid your search for meaning…How does a person cope when they find themselves living in oppressive, desperate times? How can you live to your fullest and experience the rich potential that exists as part of living on earth, when dark forces seem to be facilitating your demise? These questions express the existential dilemma that keeps popping up when I try to write about writing, storytelling, hiking, fitness, and the better aspects of life I find inspiring. I [...]

The Onslaught of Storms

1 Oct 2017 14:16

Finding respite in a natural shelter.This last batch of Atlantic hurricanes never reached us and, at this moment, the Atlantic basin is quiet with regard to developing cyclones (other than a couple of disturbances that are already on land and not developing). Since I live fairly near the coast now and work for an organization that helps during emergencies, I’ve anxiously followed this hurricane season (though it’s pretty much year-round now because the oceans are so much hotter). Di [...]


23 Sep 2017 22:19

Wild, manipulated weather is discouraging; what would Ulysses do?Hurricane Irma missed us. Its path led it far to the west, barely brushing Columbia, South Carolina with tropical storm winds. I am thankful for that avoidance of a disaster, though I am very sorry for those souls that took the brunt of it—in the Virgin and Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, and Georgia. And may God help those in Texas who were wasted by Hurricane Harvey a scant two weeks before. I feel their pain, [...]

Waiting for Irma

9 Sep 2017 15:17

Hurricanes fired at us as from a baseball pitching machine…What hath the Great American Eclipse wrought? Hurricane Irma has developed into the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. It has decimated Caribbean islands, skirted Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and is now skimming along the northern coast of Cuba. Its path has shifted steadily from a skirt of the US eastern seaboard, to grazing Florida and hitting Georgia around Savannah and then heading inland [...]

The GAE as Presage for Harvey and Notes about Collapse

3 Sep 2017 15:13

The Great American Eclipse as a Presage for Hurricane Harvey and Collapse?The Hurricane Harvey event has come and gone, but the aftermath is just beginning. That event lasted for about five days. The initial horror of its winds quickly gave way to the horror of its rains. The storm sat parked over the Houston area for several days, surrounded by high pressure that ensured it would stay put. Even so, it did jog out over the ocean and back a few times, gathering strength and more moisture for flo [...]

Totality, Part III (The Eclipse)

26 Aug 2017 16:54

The Great American Eclipse has passed…The shadow of the 2017 solar eclipse ran its predicted course over a troubled and turbulent United States. The event of totality made the mainstream news along with the aftermaths of appalling tragedies in Charlottesville, VA and Barcelona, Spain. The natural perfection of the sun-moon alignment contrasted with the moronic rantings of presidential speeches and tweets, and with the beyond-appalling US war threats towards Syria, Russia, Venezuela, Nort [...]

The Pre-Eclipse

20 Aug 2017 19:58

Tomorrow is the day of the “Great American Eclipse.” ​The solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017, that is. The one with the shadow of totality crossing the most of the continental United States, and right over my home in Columbia, SC. I’ve read about, written about, and even somewhat prepared for it (my wife bought us eclipse glasses). So what’s the big deal?The expectation is for a big influx of visitors to Columbia because of the 100% totality and it’s a largish cit [...]

Totality, Part II

13 Aug 2017 20:06

I keep writing about the “Great American Eclipse” as though I were greatly concerned about it.Maybe I am. We’re about a week away from the “Great American Eclipse” and it seems I’ll be writing a lot about it. I had not given the eclipse much thought, until I started reading about it in the media and encountering the general interest in it around me. Then I realized that the shadow’s transit would go directly over my current residence of Columbia, SC (se [...]


5 Aug 2017 20:38

A harbinger of better times, if we can survive the worse ones.The much-anticipated solar eclipse is about two weeks away (Aug 21, 2017). Interestingly, to me, the path of totality will pass directly over my current residence (Columbia, SC) at 2:42pm before it exits over Charleston and out to sea. I can’t remember the last time I lived in a place so situated (if I ever did). So I suppose I’ll be watching, if there’s enough of a break in the weather and the chem-trail haze.A lot [...]

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