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Power of the Ancients

A story of the Dentville settlement

A story of the post-collapse world 
by Ray Foy

The Power that ran our world, could destroy theirs...

It is the year AD 2327 by the reckoning of the High Sages of the Order of Gaia at Sedona.

Run-away global warming and 21st century attempts to control it by geoengineering has ended with a rebound of Earth's natural systems into a new ice age. In the former United States, people live in tribal communities ruled by warlords and councils of Elders. In the strip of land between the ice and the dead sea, amid "dead lands" where life is stunted and mutated, humanity's survivors struggle with nature and with each other.

The desire to recapture the glory of their ancestors' fallen, high-tech, civilization remains strong for many. They fight over the scraps left by us--"the Ancients."

Among the fighters are the Terra Vox--an order of shamans, known as sages, with a militant zeal. They covet the power of the Ancients they believe is preserved by their pacifist rivals, the Order of Gaia, in their mountain stronghold at Sedona. To get it, they are trying to build an alliance of settlements to pressure Sedona with military threats. But to make the threats credible, they need the support of the Council of Elders at Dentville, the largest settlement with the largest army outside of the Corbyn Empire.

These struggles for power center on possessing a device taken from the ruins of the Ancients' world, Hidden and protected by Branch, the device is a medium of ancient power that could force compliance from Sedona, withstand the military might of the Corbyn Empire.

But its release into the world could also complete humanity's destruction.

Caught up in the struggle to possess this Ancient Power are:

Zane Landstrom: The 17 year-old apprentice sage to Branch who, though he has psychic abilities that could make him a powerful sage, would rather be a warrior.

Branch: Sage of the Order of Gaia assigned to Dentville. He protects the secret of the Power that he hides from the ambitions of warlords. His adherence to duty is tested with the breakup of his surrogate family.

Nia Bellengrath: The "not to be trifled with" 16 year-old daughter of Military Elder Kent Bellengrath. She is trying to assume her lost brother's place as aide to her father, but her sympathies for the people of Dentville and the Order of Gaia put her at odds with him. 

Coriander: High Sage of the Order of Gaia. She opposes the Terra Vox and leads the fight to keep the secret of the Ancients' power from them. Her desire for family compromises her convictions.

Kent Bellengrath: Military Elder of Dentville. He is building a standing army to establish Dentville's dominion over the surrounding settlements. If he could empower his army with the recovered technology and weaponry of Sedona, he could challenge the Corbyn Empire for control of all the lands south of the ice. But first he must control and divide his opposition.

Brother Sartis: Priest of the Helodarian "True Faith" religion. Sartis settled in Dentville when the Heodarian were banished from the Corbyn Empire. He attached himself to the Dentville army under Kent Bellengrath's patronage and is working to spread the True Faith even as he helps Kent build his army and a Dentville Empire.

Fennec: Order of Gaia sage who left Sedona to join the Terra Vox. He works for their mission of seeking an alliance of settlements to pressure the sages of Sedona into giving up their secrets of the Ancients' power. Convictions gray for him, however, especially under the influence of his Naenth lover, Mithra.

Mithra: Green eyed, green haired, she is a warrior of the Naenth people from the western mountains. The Naenth are genetically modified humans from the time of the Ancients. Long-lived and strong, they have a genetic mandate to mate with humans and are loyal to the Order of Gaia. Mithra has bonded with Fennec, and seeks to sway him from the Terra Vox in order to protect the Order of Gaia at Sedona.

Elgarth Timis: The young apprentice sage from the Memphis settlement who wants to complete his training with Branch after the death of his own master. He is sensitive to energies coming from the ruins called, "the House-in-the-Hill" which becomes marketable knowledge for him, and tests his loyalties.

These--the children of our future--fight and love in a world of our making. Can they survive  the Power of the Ancients?

Power of the Ancients is the first book of Ray Foy's post-apocalypse epic. Watch this website and his Facebook Page for news of the epic's status and release dates.

*Artwork by Debra Grayson of The New Day Project

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