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Ray-view of Trump for President: Astrological Predictions 

6 Jan 2016 19:07

Author: John HoguePublisher: HogueProphecy PublishingPublication date: 12/21/2015Pages: 156ASIN: B019NZR1G8Type: NonFiction, Prophecy, PoliticalRay's rating: 5 starsFinished Read: 01/04/2016Review written by Ray Foy.So who is Donald Trump? Is he a rich, racist, misogynist, conceited clown who makes outrageous comments that only ultra-right-wingers could love? Or is he a ultra-savvy real estate tycoon who has amassed fortunes by wheeling-and-dealing in the richest and toughest markets in world c [...]

Ray-view of The Razor's Edge

31 Dec 2015 20:53

Author: W. Somerset MaughamPublisher: First Vintage InternationalPublication date: 09/2003 (originally published in 1944 by Doubleday)Pages: 314ISBN: 1-4000-3420-5Type: Fiction, LiteratureRay's rating: 5 starsCharacters: Larry Darrell, Isabel Maturin, Elliot Templeton, Sophie MacDonald, Suzanne Rouvier, Gray MaturinFinished Read: 12/27/2015From its widest scope, The Razor’s Edge looks at the meaning of life from at least six different viewpoints. Those views belong to six characters (or s [...]

Ray-view of Goodbye, Mr. Chips

12 Dec 2015 21:55

Author: James HiltonPublisher: Open Road Media (Kindle edition)Publication date:  May 1st 2012  (first published 1934) Pages: 144ASIN:  B007M0X8KUType: Fiction, LiteratureRay's rating: 5 starsCharacters: Arthur Chipping, Katherine Bridges, Mrs. WickettRead: 11/11/2015It is easy for me to see why this little book, hardly more than a novella, is a literary classic. It touches on themes common to the human condition, and on scenes that most of us have played out in one form or anoth [...]

Ray-view of "Dun Lady's Jess: The Changespell Saga"

6 Dec 2015 14:32

Author: Doranna DurginPublisher: Blue Hound Visions Tijeras, NMPublication date: January 24, 2013Pages: 352ISBN-13: 978-1301722778Type: Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, ParanormalRay's rating: 4 starsCharacters: Carey, Lady/Jess, Arlen, Jaime, Mark, Dayna, Calandre, Eric, SherraRead: 12/04/2015Fantasy books and movies have been rife with shape-shifting heroes and villains in recent years, mostly werewolves and vampires. The teaser for this book stood out from all that, however, in that i [...]

Ray-views Excerpt: the Foreword

24 Nov 2015 18:01

The following excerpt is from Ray Foy's new book of book reviews and essays, Ray-views: Volume 1 now available from Arbordin Park Press via Amazon.com. See the Catalogue.Foreword: A Book of My Book ReviewsSO why a book of my book reviews? Let me explain.Like everyone else, I have my themes. There are certain areas of thought and genres of artistic works that I repeatedly go to for knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment. In other words, there are things that appeal to me more than other thing [...]

Slade House by David Mitchell

12 Nov 2015 13:39

Author: David MitchellPublisher: Random HousePublication date: 10/27/2015Pages: 238ISBN-13:  9780812998689Type: Fiction, Literature, HorrorRay's rating: 5 starsCharacters: Nathan Bishop, Rita Bishop, Gordon Edmonds, Sally Timms, Jonah Grayer, Norah Grayer, MarinusBook Review by Ray FoySLADE HOUSE is a more concise version of the imaginative, speculative, time-spanning tales with heavy doses of the paranormal, that David Mitchell is so adept at writing. At only 238 pages in a hardback editi [...]

Ray-views book excerpt: Inspiration

5 Nov 2015 13:54

The following excerpt is from Ray Foy's new book of book reviews and essays, Ray-views: Volume 1, soon to be published by Arbordin Park Press (watch this website for availability).INSPIRATION is what gets us from one day to the next--from one moment to the next. Though there are common themes, what inspires one person or another is as unique as a fingerprint. That singleness of inspiration comes from the associations people make over the course of their lives with the impressions they const [...]

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

30 Oct 2015 20:16

I saw the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, in 1968 when I was 12 years old. It was as incomprehensible to me as a child, as it was to most adults then. Even so, it was soon considered a classic science fiction film and I have spent most of life not really understanding why. I had heard that the book was much better, but I never got around to reading it until recently. It is, indeed, much better and I think there are several reasons why.For one thing, the novel was written by Arthur C. Clarke, one [...]

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

8 Oct 2015 18:37

Author: Viktor FranklPublisher: Beacon Press, BostonPublication date: 06/01/2006Pages: 188ASIN: B009U9S6FlType: NonFiction; Counseling & PsychologyRay's rating: 5 starsBook Review by Ray FoyI have run across quotes from Vicktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning for a long time now. I see it referred to very often, usually in the context of considering a hopeless situation (i.e., many world events). Reviewers often refer to it as "life changing" and it remains one of the most popular books o [...]

The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz

7 Oct 2015 21:05

Author: David LagercrantzPublisher: KnopfPublication date: 09/01/2015Pages: 432ISBN-13: 978-0-385-35428-8Type: Fiction; Suspense; International Mystery & CrimeRay's rating:  4 starsCharacters: Lisbeth Salander, Mikael Blomkvist, Frans Balder, August Balder, Gabriella Grane, Jan Bublanski, Sonja Modig, Erika Berger, Ed NeedhamBook Review written by Ray FoyIn this fourth installment of the Millennium Series of novels begun by Stieg Larsson, Lisbeth Salander (antihero computer/math genius [...]

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